One Another

Submit to one anotherSubmit To One Another - Sep 2, 2018

Any notion of making Jesus Christ Lord of all is incomplete if that doesn't mean that Jesus is also Lord of our relationships. Our lifestyles and relationships should be lived in the 'covenant of grace' made to us by our Lord Jesus, who covenanted that we would be His people.

Live In Harmony With One AnotherIn Harmony - Sep 16, 2018

We need to stop living according to our own principles but living in accordance with God's Kingdom. God's desire for His people is that we are of one heart and one mind, living together in harmony. When that happens amongst it, it glorifies God and His glory is seen.

Bear One Another's BurdensBear One Another's Burdens - Sep 23, 2018

We are not saved just to belong to Christ. We are a family, working together and demonstrating God's love in practice. One of the ways in which we do this is to support each other when others are going through times of difficulty, or indeed, being prepared to ask for help when we are too!

Spur On One AnotherSpur On - Sep 30, 2018

We need to consider how we can spur, or stimulate each other on. Consider - to pray into, and ask Jesus as to how we can help each other to live the kind of lives that Jesus has called us to. Our lives and our stories can do this. They start to demonstrate the reality of the Kingdom and see the 'treasure'.