What We Do

What we do?

As a church we are seeking to provide opportunities for people at all stages of their lives to:

  1. Grow in their relationship with God
  2. To support and encourage each other
  3. To make a difference in the community in which we live

All that we do as a church is focussed on these three areas. For example, our regular Sunday church meetings help us spend time together looking at God's word (the Bible) and worshipping Him through songs and video. Our mid week small groups are a time when we can really get to know each other better and support and encourage each other and Club 707 is a great opportunity for the teenagers to do the same. Through our Club 707 Schools, summer Kid's Club and Community Carol Service we are seeking to serve our local community.

We love to do regular social events such as quizzes, bowling, barn dances or treasure hunts which are just great fun! Many of our events inevitably seem to involve food - an area in which we appear to excel!