Love Does

Love Speaks - Apr 29, 2018

Love is much more than an emotional experience. The Bible says that "God is love". Love does. It is intentional towards others regardless of feelings. It pursues the good of the other person.

Love is not silent, it expresses itself in meaningful words.

Love Takes Time - May 13, 2018

Jesus gave us a "new command" - to love one another as He loved us. He wants us to stop, slow down, pause and consider what it means to create a family that loves one another the way the Father loves. What does that look like?

Love Gives - May 20, 2018

God wants His image restored in us. Jesus is the image of the invisible God and we are meant to reveal and reflect that same glory. What God is like, we should increasingly look like. We are, at our core, generous, because God is love and He is extravagantly generous.

Love Embraces - May 27, 2018

Love is not distant. It draws near. Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost. This is still His role today - not ours. We are to embrace and love those who don't know Him and those who are in need, showing His love to them. We are to invite people into a Kingdom where amazing things can happen each day.