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The Big Questions Answered


        How does God               Who’s Universe Is It Anyway?
        reveal himself? 


Series on Ephesians

Marriage in Christ Ephesians 5: 21-33    family       

    Marriage 18/06/17                     Family 02/07/17            The Armour Of God 16/07/17

calling            transformed        Light

       Calling 14/05/17                     Transformed 28/05/17                   Light  11/06/17

resurrection           experience      unity

  Resurrection 15/04/17                  Experience 30/04/17                     Unity 07/05/17

Women          reconciliation       Unveiling2

  Women in the Kingdom                      Reconciliation                              Unveiling

blessed          Eph 1        transformation

       Blessed Indeed                     Revelation and Wisdom                         Alive

Missional Communities

community         God remembers       loved

Experience of Missional            God remembers “nobodies”      Live Like You’re Loved


15 Jan         missional community       friendship

 The Church Jesus Designed   Missional Communities –     Extended Families on Mission

                                                          What and Why

The Words, Works and Ways of Jesus

jesus-breaks-anxiety        impartiality     mother-hen
   Jesus Breaks Anxiety           Jesus Shows no Partiality    Jesus Shows Compassion

counting-the-cost-2        reset

Jesus Responds To Faith           Counting the Cost             Pressing the Reset Button


     Vision for Gateway                Jesus Is Good News            Jesus Redefines

Baptism        Baptism     people

        Baptism Part 1                           Baptism Part 2          Living Questionable Lives

“The Culture Of The Kingdom”


       Deepening Our                  Hope For The Future                 Faith
     Experience Of God             Joshua and Gideon



    Prayer                                    Love                                    Unity                  


 Encouragement                    Honour                                Discipleship

       Risk                        Theology Of The Spirit          Gift of Knowledge

Gifts Of The Spiritthe_great_commission

Abundant Life                   Gift of Prophecy                        Mission                 


Generosity                                     Grace                                           


“Gateway and Me – Belonging, Believing, Behaving”

         Jesus is building
              Belonging, Believing,          Belonging to church by
            his church                            Behaving                       hanging out together

         Jesus King Of His Kingdom      
   Belonging to church by
           Believing that Jesus is            Behaving as a church
    caring for each other               King of His Kingdom                  by worshipping

    Behaving as a church           Behaving as a church              Behaving as a church
              by praying                       by the way we live                   by gathering together

Other talks

          Seeking God                  How Can We Serve God?       Gideon – Courageous Faith 

      Why Did Jesus Die?              More Than A Song                  As It IS In Heaven

   Jesus’ Authority – Part 1         Jesus’ Authority – Part 2          Why Did Jesus Come?

     What is worship?                     Who we worship?                       Mission

  Use Them Or Lose Them           Hope Faith & Love             Valuing Presence Of God

Giving Our Best To God                
Giving Our Best To God         Open Access Via Grace          Persevering For God

Church DNA         Holy Spirit Power      alignnone size-full wp-image-946  
Essentials Of A Church      
          Moving In Power                    Bearing Fruit

Wheat        Wheat       
Being Church                       The curtain was torn         
What have you dedicated
not Doing Church                          – access for all                     your life to?

Wheat         Wheat        Wheat   
Doing Life With God                  The story of Ruth               Esther – Preparing To  
How Many Can We Feed?
Committed To God            Enter Into His Presence                 

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The Wheat & Weeds                     
The Debtors                      The Sheep & Goats

        Lost Coin
        Mustard Seed                          The Lost Coin

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The Father’s Love Letter                  Stethoscope

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