A Questionable Life

A Questionable LifeQuestionable Life - Nov 4, 2018

Living our lives in such a counter cultural, Jesus shaped way that people around us can't help but ask questions. There is something about this kind of lifestyle as disciples of Jesus that is so different that it causes people to ask questions - why do you live this way? It is a demonstration of the Kingdom that causes people to see it, experience it and enter into it.

Questionable BehaviourQuestionable Behaviour - Nov 11, 2018

Jesus said we've got to love God and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Some people will be gifted at sharing the good news but we can all live lives that are different and show the hope we have in Jesus. This is our 'questionable behaviour' that attracts people to the Kingdom.

Questionable RelationshipsQuestionable Relationships - Nov 18, 2018

We are called to build a culture - a new humanity centered around the person of Jesus that causes people to as "How?" and "Why?" This applies also to our relationships. In our marriage and our family relationships we need to put on show Kingdom values. We need to be real and authentic in the full glare and spotlight of the world.

Questionable ForgivenessQuestionable Forgiveness - Nov 25, 2018

Forgiveness- a tool God has given us for transformation - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We all need forgiveness and we all need to forgive. Forgiveness brings freedom. We need forgiveness from God, others and ourselves. Forgiveness is not being weak, it’s actually being strong. Victim or victor?