Gateway Café

Gateway Cafe

We would love you to come and join us at our next one. Date to be announced   

What Is It?

What is Gateway Café?

Gateway Café is a 1 hour, informal event where you can explore and discuss an important topic over tea, coffee and cake.

What do you do?

What do you do there?

Typically, we will all watch a 10 minute DVD on the topic (to get us all thinking) and then we break up into tables of around 8-10 people to ask questions and discuss our views. The discussions usually last around 30 minutes.

What subjects?

What gets discussed?

This year, our discussions have included: "Can anyone know what God is really like?", "Why so much suffering and so many religions?" and "Can God make a difference in my life?"

Can I just listen?

Could I come and just listen?

Yes, absolutely. If you just want to come and watch the DVD and listen to the discussions that is fine. Please do have a cake and some drink too though!

What's the cost?

How much does it cost to come along?

Nothing - it is free!! And when you arrive you will also be given a £1.50 voucher which you can use towards a cup of tea and a cake.

Where is it held?

Gateway Café events are usually held in The Twyn Community Centre right in the centre of Caerphilly – click here for location information. 

You can park right outside the building in the town centre car park.

Call 07719 356240