Faith In Action

Faith In ActionFaith In Action  - Mar 31, 2019

The Bible tells us that faith without works is dead. Our faith must lead us to action. This series will look at practical examples of how faith has compelled people to do amazing things.

Why Do We Pray?Why Do We Pray? - May 26, 2019

We are influenced most by those with whom we spend most time. If we want to be influenced by God, then we need to spend time talking with Him. We need God in our lives to direct and guide us. Without Him, we mess up! He is our "great High priest" who is able to sympathise with us in our weaknesses an we can approach Him with confidence.

When To PrayWhat and When To Pray? - Jun 2, 2019

We read in Acts that the disciples joined together to pray constantly. God honours those who are real with Him and intentional in prayer. We need to pray for our town and our nation. That God would pour out the water of His Spirit. He promises to "pour out water on the thirsty" and on their thirsty land.

Q/ What are we willing to sacrifice in prayer to see God's Kingdom come?